New OPV and Patrol Ship of RTN

Royal Thai Navy Recently commission 2 class of OPV and Patrol Ship. and it’s a low price and capable ship, IMO.

First, RTN commission 2 Pattani-class OPV. The Overall program cost is about $100,000,000. It is the RTN original design ship but they build in China for the financial reason. (More cheaper and we don’t have enough money at that time.) But the ship is all-western electronic and weapon. Combat suite is from Thales. 1 Fire control radar and 1 searching radar. The ship is 1,300 tons in displacement and can carry 1 light helicopter. (In this case, Super Lynx 300)

The current weapon inventory is 76/62 Oto Melara Super Rapid gun, 2 x 20 mm. local control gun and 2.50 machine gun. RTN have a plan to equip this ship with Harpoon and 2 x 40 mm automatic gun in near future. (They already have a fire control for Harpoon. Just install the missile)

RTN plan to build 1 more in Thailand next year.

Another type is T.991-class patrol ship

It is The King initiated ship. Its size is 100 tons. Equipped with 2 x 30 mm. DS-30M from MSI-DSL and 2 x .50 machine gun with Mirador optronic fire control radar from Thales. 3 ships is cost $60,000,000. The construction is done in RTN dock and Marson Shipbuilding Company.

The King is paid most contribution to this project. Consider his shipbuilding enthusiastic, he took responsibility to ask the ship research and design institute in UK to test the design plan. And he give the opinion on the technical issue and how the design will be conduct.

The ship is just finish the sea trial and already commission in RTN.

You can watch the sea trial VDO here.


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