RTN Develop Naval Simulator, NWS980

This is the thing I impress the most. NWS980

I talk to the development team. They are working in the software department of Institute of Advanced Naval Studies. (สถาบันวิชาการทหารเรือชั้นสูง) The head of this project, he siad at the first time RTN want to procure naval combat sinulator to train its high ranking officer. But the foreign software cost you more than 200,000,000 baht!!! So they try develop this software by themself. They uses the open source software Global Conflict Blut as a base engine. It is actually a game that you play in your home but he adjust them to suit the military task. He added the real information of warship and after one year of development, the outcome is like this.




He said this software can link together via internet. You can simulates multiple navy to fight each other or simulates the operation under the united nation. He shows me how US navy carrier attack Venezuela. And if you further develop this, you can connect to the real radar and surveillance system to do the real task or to act like combat suite. RTN headquater can monitor this and see eveything that move in the sea of Thailand.

This is awesome. Because RTN pay only 4,000,000 Baht (about 200,000 USD) for this compare to 200,000,000 (around 6 million USD) if you buy it. And NWS980 even better!!!! It’s all Thai-made software. Many foreign navy want to buy this from him, especially Philippine navy.

This sim take about 1 year to develop and it is currently uses in RTN’s Advanced Naval Studies. They build 3 room to host a blue force and red force and control room.

This is not expensive and I think it is a good idea to develop buy yourself.

PS. NWS980 is come form Naval Warfare Simulator and 9 is The King and 80 is his age.


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