Finally, ‘Gripen agreement between Sweden and Thailand signed’

Today’s marks another day of RTAF. The 20th fighter of the 95 years history of Royal Thai Air Force is officially signed to commit the procurement of the first 6 Gripen for Thailand. The news release is here.

Gripen agreement between Sweden and Thailand signed

At a ceremony in Stockholm today, FMVs (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) Director General Gunnar Holmgren and Air Chief Marshal Chalit Pukbhasuk, Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF), signed an agreement for the delivery of six Gripen multirole fighter aircraft of the latest version and a surveillance system

2008-02-11 | With this agreement RTAF will be able to replace its outgoing F-5 aircraft at the beginning of 2011. RTAF will get six Gripen multirole aircraft of the latest C and D version (four two-seat Gripen D and two single-seat Gripen C fighters) together with one Saab 340 Erieye surveillance system and one Saab 340 aircraft for training and transport.

Gunnar Holmgren and the Thai Air Force Chief Chalit Pukbhasuk at the contract signing
The Gripen system together with the Erieye surveillance system will give the RTAF the capability they have asked for regarding air surveillance and protection of Thailand’s territory.

In a comment to the agreement FMVs Director General, Gunnar Holmgren stated:

– We are of course very pleased that the RTAF have chosen the Gripen and Erieye systems to meet their future needs. Since we are well aware of the capability of both systems in Sweden, I am convinced that the RTAF also will be satisfied when they have started to operate the Gripen and Erieye.

The agreement also includes comprehensive logistic support and training of RTAF pilots and technicians, as well as simulators. Sweden will also provide Swedish Air Force pilots and technicians as advisors in Thailand during the introduction of the Gripen and Erieye systems in RTAF.

The delivery of the aircraft will take place in the beginning of 2011. The training in Sweden will start in 2009.

The total value of the agreement is 19 Billion Baht.

Image: From the left is Johan Lehander, Managing Director Gripen International, Saab’s CEO Åke Svensson, FMV’s Director General Gunnar Holmgren, Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Chalit Pukbhasuk, Jan Andersson, Chief of Staff Swedish Air Force, and Dr Apichart Chinwanno, Thailand’s ambassador in Sweden. Photo: Jerry Lindbergh/FMV.

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