RTAF Gripen Package Details


This procurement is somewhat a complete air defense system. This article gives you some detail and delivery date.

Gripen will be the 20th fighter in the 95 years history of RTAF. It’s the start of the new era.

F-5E of 701 Sqn.

This deal consists of …..

12 Gripen Multi-Role Fighter: RTAF will receive JAS-39C/D of the lastest version from the production line.
2 Saab 340 AEW: Saab 340 will be equipped with ERIEYE phased array radar from Ericsson Microwave System.
1 Saab 340: For training and transporting propose.
Datalink System: Because RTAF will integrates all weapons into the ‘Royal Thai Air Defense System’ or ‘RTADS’ which is the multiple-phase large radar and warning network cover all parts of Thailand. Saab 340 AEW can shares the information to Gripen or F-16MLU (in the future) via this network.
RBS-15F: Because Gripen will be tasked to protect the Southern Thailand, gas-rich Gulf of Thailand, and Andaman Sea. So they need the antiship missile for this job.
Technology Transfer: Saab gives RTAF a privilege to access the ‘Source Code of Gripen’ to enable RTAF to modify its aircraft to suite its mission. Also, Saab gives the technology transfer in aviation and/or related aera.
Master Degree Scholarship: Swedish government, on behalf of the King of Sweden, gives scholarship to Thai student to have a chance to study in Swedish University; Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, and Linköping University.
Training: Swedish Air Force (SwAF) pilots will trian RTAF pilot and technician to become the instructor pilot and technician to train its junior officers. After that SwAF will send 2 pilot to Thailand to help the training in the early years of commission.

Model of RTAF Gripen 


Due to the financial reason, RTAF devided this deal in to 2 phases. 

Phase 1: Consists of 6 Gripen, 4 dual seats and 2 single seats, and 1 Saab 340 AEW and 1 Saab 340 along with datalink system, training, spare part, technical support, logistic. Also, 92 Scholarships. The payment will be made between 2008 – 2012.
Phase 2: Consists of 6 Gripen and 1 Saab 340 AEW and the rest of the deal. The payment will be made between 2013 – 2017.

Gripen will be based in Wing 7 Surat Tani. and F-5B/Es will be decommissioned in 2011. The overall cost of phase 1 is 19,000 mil baht (600 mil$) which included 714 mil Baht in the facility upgrade in Wing 7.

The schedule of each item for phase 1 are as follows

– 3 Gripen will be deliver in Jan 2011 and another 3 in Mar 2011. 36 months after the contact signing ceremony. The sqn. will declares a combat ready status in Sep 2011.
– Saab 340 AEW and Saab 340 will be deliver in late 2010.
– Training will begin in 2009.
– All spare parts and equipments associated to Gripen will be deliver in late 2010.
– Facility upgrade in Wing 7 will be started in 2008.
– Master Degree Scholarship will be presented to The King of Thailand in 2008. 12 scholarship recipients will be the armed force personnel and the rest will goes to civilian. The study period is between 2009 – 2012.
– The technology transfer and ‘Gripen Offset Program’ will be finalize later.

The second batch will be consider buy the government later. But I believe the government will approve it not more than 2009.

PS. Estimate range of RTAF Gripen. Create by Signatory.


4 Responses to RTAF Gripen Package Details

  1. BERNIE says:

    very good for your country guys!

  2. ronil says:

    It will be obsolete air defense system Due to growing population of flanker su30 in south east asia and south asia.Philippines will buy f15 from us

  3. Harzbas Mirindas says:

    Mr Ronil, you from where??

    Are u sure the Philippines capable of buying your f15

  4. Orange says:

    Wir sind ueberzeugt das Sie das bei Ihrem Entscheidungen, auf dem schweizer Internet Markt weiterhilft.,

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