RTN Launch RFP For Its New LPD

RTN is in the process of pushing many major procurement program. This year RTN will build its new OPV in the state-own dockyard.

This is another procurement program that they just announce in RTN official site.

All candidates must hand their proposal on 8 Apr 2008.

The requirement is 1 LPD.

I still did not see the official requirement but according to the old requirement in the old 9 years plan. I believe that RTN do not change its requirement much. It is looks like this

Annex 1 General requirements of RTN Landing Platform Dock (LPD) 1.1 Type : LANDING PLATFORM DOCK : LPD

1.2 Project : 2 Ships ; Project period : 2006 – 2010

1.3 Capability Needs

1.3.1 Amphibious transport

1.3.2 Disaster relief, Evacuation operations, Humanitarian assistance and civil support

1.3.3 Search and Rescue

1.3.4 Training

1.4 General Characteristics and Specification

1.4.1 Displacement 6,000 – 9,000 Tons (full load)

1.4.2 Max continuous speed not less than 20 knots

1.4.3 Range : not less than 5,000 NM at economic speed 15 knots

1.4.4 Endurance at least 45 days

1.4.5 Operation at sea up to sea state 6

1.4.6 The vessel’s aviation support for helicopter weight up to 22,000 pounds

1.4.7 Propulsion system Diesel engine

1.4.8 Armament Main gun 76 mm. with fire control system

Secondary guns 20 mm. and .50 inches


1.4.9 Transport Capacity Flight Deck At least 2 spots for helicopters weight 22,000 pounds Dock : +3 x LCM or +2 x HOVERCRAFT or 2 x Fast Interceptor Deck : Carrying area not less than 150 m3, Space for 20AAVs and 30 Medium trucks

TROOPS : not less than 500 including ship crews

Some Thai observer said that the candidates come form Italy, China, and Singapore. So we can expect the variant of following plateform will be proposed.

San Giorgio Class from Fincantieri, Italy
Yuzhao class from Hudong Shipyard, China
Endurance Class from ST Engineering, Singapore

It’s not that hard to adjust those ship to suite the RTN’s requirement. We may wait and see how the program going.

Official document can be found here.



6 Responses to RTN Launch RFP For Its New LPD

  1. BERNIE says:

    go for it guys!

  2. Gabriel says:

    Stinkapore’s Endurance class selected – contract being signed with ST Engineering. Lousy ship from lousy shipyard.

  3. Kingkong says:

    Is there a personal gudge with the country or the shipyard

  4. thaimilitary says:

    Maybe yes. I don’t know. ^ ^

  5. […] customer could be the Thai Navy, which floated an RFP for an LPD-type ship in April […]

  6. […] customer could be the Thai Navy, which floated an RFP for an LPD-type ship in April […]

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