RTA New Digital Camouflage & TAR-21 Tavor in Service

BangkokPost.com write the news about new digital camouflage that RTA develops for its troops. Several days ago, RTA Directorate of Operation releases photos of the news camouflage.

Also, photos show TAR-21 Tavor in service.

Note that RTA bought 15,000 bullpup-rifle TAR-21 Tavor and 992 machine-gun Nagev from Israel last year. We can expect the follow-on procurement as RTA aims to use Tavor to replace M16A1 as a main rifle. The overall procurement project is 100,000 units.

Soldiers get new camouflage uniform

New camouflage uniforms with an innovative digital pattern, designed especially to meet of Thai soldiers, are now being issued to army units.

The pattern was developed by the Quartermasters Department. It is the result of four years’ research. The designers say it is unique.

“We did not copy anyone else. We’ve researched and developed it ourselves.” said Col Premwipa Tongchamni.

The digital pattern is a Bitmap image, a pixilated computer graphic. It is a micro-pattern designed to best match the natural landscape.

The technology is not new. The United States used it to design a new camouflage pattern for its marine corps, Known as MARPAT (MARine Disruptive PATtern), it was introduced in late 2003

In finding the best camouflage pattern for the Thai military, Col Premwipa said her team took photographs of landscapes across the country to determine what colors, shades and patterns would blend best with the background.

“The digital pattern will be a more effective camouflage than the current Woodland pattern, Col Premwipa said.

The Woodland is the pattern used in US military camouflage in the 1980s and 1990s. It has an enlarged leaf pattern. But this makes soldiers more visible at close range.

Thailand , after sticking to the traditional green uniform with fish bone pattern for a long time, decided to try Woodland in 1997, but adapted it a little bit by reducing the pattern size.

Later , then-army chief Gen Surayud Chulanont told the army to design a new camouflage pattern. The plan was delayed by lack of funds and a change of army chiefs. The Quartermasters Department received funding for the work in 2004.

Department chief Maj-Gen Tawi Jaemjamras said the new uniforms were being issued to army units , including the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhom, a lecturer at the academy, had been offered a uniform.

Maj-Gen Tawi said the cost was about 1,200 baht per uniform. Distribution would be complete by September. The navy and air force would also issue the new uniforms to some units.

“We’ll gradually phase out the Woodland pattern,” said army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda, who has told soldiers not to rush to wear them. They should wear their old ones until they are worn out to save money.

The Quartermaster’s Department has been ordered to develop other equipment for soldiers, including stronger helmet covers’ belts and more comfortable boots.


Photos has been force resize to fit the wordpress web style. You can save these photos in your computer to see the full-scale images.

RTA digital camo & Tavor

RTA digital camo & Tavor

 RTA digital camo & Tavor

 RTA digital camo & Tavor

RTA digital camo & Tavor


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