‘Cope Tiger 2008’ Photo Gallery Part I

Here is the photo of the aircraft from Thailand, USA, and Singapore in the exercise Cope Tiger 2008, the region’s largest air exercise.

Enjoy the show. 

Cope Tiger wraps up in Thailand

KORAT ROYAL THAI AIR BASE, Thailand: Exercise Cope Tiger 2008 came to an end with a closing ceremony here Feb. 5.

About 800 U.S. forces participated here and at Udon Royal Thai Air Base in the 13th annual multilateral exercise involving the Royal Thai Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force, the U.S. Air Force, and the Marines.

Senior leadership from each participating nation attended the official closing ceremony, including Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Remington, director of air, space and information operations at Headquarters, Pacific Air Forces.

The commander-in-chief of the RTAF officiated the ceremony.

“Cope Tiger is a good opportunity for all participants to learn new tactics,” said Air Chief Marshal Chalit Pukbhasuk. “The benefits and experiences gained is undoubtedly invaluable.”

One of the most important things is further strengthening relations between friendly nations, said Group Capt. Tawidanes Angsusingha, RTAF exercise director.

Cope Tiger enhances combined readiness and interoperability, reinforces U.S. commitment to the Southeast Asian region and demonstrates the U.S. capability to project combined and joint forces strategically in a multilateral environment.

The exercise ran from Jan. 26 through Feb. 5.


Part I of this article consist of photos of USAF and USMC aircraft.

Many thanks to Mr. NoOscar who contribute this set of excellent photo.

Photos has been force resize to fit the wordpress web style. You can save these photos in your computer to see the full-scale images.


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