Be Prepared for ‘Black Knight’, ‘SAREX’, and ‘RTAF F-16’

Thai aircraft lover needs to get their camera ready for the next coming events.

RSAF Black Knight will perform in Bangkok. SAREX will be held in Hua Hin, And RTAF will celebrates 20th anniversary of F-16 in service.

Black Knight will give their performance to Thai people for the first time. They will arrive Don Mueang Airport on 21 April and they will have a rehersal on 22 and 23. The actual day is 24 April where RTAF invites all people to see them. Let’s get crazy with Singaporean aerobatic team.

SAREX, the annual Search & Rescue Exercise,will be held on 30 – 31 May 2008 at Hua Hin Airport. The public day is 31 May. This year Royal Thai Police Wings will be the host. The show include the recuse mission of civilian aircraft and Combat Search and Rescue for military pilot. There are some aircrafts for static display also. The department of air transportation will releases the schedule later.

And this year marks 20th years of F-16 in RTAF. RTAF operates F-16 as a front line fighter for 20 year without a single lose. The event will be held in Wing 1 Korat on 28 May 2008 where you can sees the largest F-16 formation every fly in Thailand. (20 Jets) RTAF will also unveils the special painting to celebrate this event.

I will keep update when I got more information

Example: SAREX 2007

RTAF F-16 in special painting to celebrate 15 years in service.


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