New ESM For RTN’s Rattanakosin-class Corvette

The candidate handed in a proposal on 12 Mar and it is take 12 days to decide that EDO corporation is the winner in RTN’s ESM competition.


 Rattanakosin class corvette

Came with good staffs requirement, Royal Thai Navy acquired HTMS Rattanakosin and HTMS Sukhothai from USA in 1986. They were the most modern ship of RTN and front line fighting ship in south east asia in that time.


– Displacement: 962 tons
– Main Gun: 1 x OTO Merala 76/62 Naval Gun
– AA Gun: 1 x 40/70 Breda twin AA Gun
– Secondary Gun: 2 x 20 mm Rheimental Gun
– SSM: 8 x Harpoon
– SAM: 1 x Aspide launcher with 8 Aspide Missiles
– Torpedo: 6 x Mk.46

There are some rumors in the past said that RTN is in the process of upgrading this ship. This procurement might confirm this rumor.

ESM procurement project for Rattanakosin-class Corvette is awarded to EDO Corporation who offers ES-3601 ESM system. The system can detects radar sources 360 degrees around the ship in 2 – 18 GHz frequency coverage. It is also able to track and give the information about the detected radar. This will improve the situation awareness to this old-but-good-condition ships.

RTN is in the process of massive modernization. They are currectly considers and evaluates the choice to buy its new APC, LPD, LCU, OPV, Helicopter, etc.

You can read more about ES-3601 here.

RTN’s RFP for its New ESM

The announcement of the winner


Winner of ESM


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