Security Tighten as Olympic Torch Arrives Thailand Tomorrow

I don’t think the torch will faces some chaos in Thailand. Given the fact that Thailand has an excellent relation with China, Free Tibet groups here alway assemble peacefully and the police prepare a 3-steps plan like they try to guard the Chinese president!!!

The torch will arrives Thailand in 17 April. If I could I would take the photo to you.


Thailand to give high-caliber welcome to Olympic Flame

(BEIJING, March. 25) — Thai Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Kajornprasart stressed a “magnificent ceremony that goes smoothly” for the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay leg in Thailand, Xinhuanet has reported. Kajornprasart met on March 24 with Chinese ambassador to Thailand Zhang Jiuyuan; Thai Olympic Committee secretary-general Charouck Arirachakaran; and other officials regarding the torch relay.

Kajornprasart said that Thailand’s inclusion in the Beijing Olympic torch relay route was a source of pride for the Thai people. He promised that whatever was necessary would be done to ensure the success of this leg of the relay.

Officials from various units, including the Thai air force, Thai airlines, the transportation bureau, and tourism bureau, revealed that their respective units would provide the necessary security measures or set up coordination centers to provide assistance where needed.

As the only city in the torch relay leg in Thailand, Bangkok will set up measures to control traffic and inspect the security of signs along on the roads in the relay, a city official said.

Following the meeting, Ambassador Zhang told reporters that based on what was said at the meeting, it was clear that the Thai government placed great importance on the Olympic torch relay in the country. He expressed belief that Thailand would be able to hold a magnificent, full, and safe leg of the Olympic torch relay leg.

The Olympic Flame will depart New Delhi, India for Bangkok on April 17, and the 10.5km-relay in Bangkok will begin on the afternoon of March 19.


 Thailand pledges to ensure smooth torch run in capital 

BANGKOK, March 24 (Xinhua) — Thailand extends full support to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and will ensure that the upcoming torch run in the capital Bangkok is held smoothly, Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Khachornprassart told Xinhua Monday.BANGKOK, March 24 (Xinhua) — Thailand extends full support to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and will ensure that the upcoming torch run in the capital Bangkok is held smoothly, Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Khachornprassart told Xinhua Monday.


Sanan, chairman of Thailand’s torch run organizing committee, had earlier held a meeting with deputies from government ministries, the police, customs, the air force, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and other sectors to evaluate Bangkok’s readiness to host the run, expected to take place on April 19.

All preparatory work is almost complete, the deputy PM said.

Sanat pledged his country will do all it can to organize a safe, smooth and successful torch relay, saying it is “very important” for Thailand as well.

The Thai people are very proud of being part of the Beijing Olympics torch run, with Bangkok being chosen as one of the cities around the world through which the torch will pass, he added.

Thailand will do its best to prevent any inconvenience or untoward incidents at the torch relay event in Bangkok, and will also help publicize the Beijing Olympics among Thai people, the minister added.

Meanwhile, Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Maj-Gen Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit said the Royal Thai Police will be responsible for security along the torch relay route in Bangkok and will watch out for any likely disruption or disturbance throughout the event.

Eighty torch-bearers have been selected from different social circles in Thailand, including more than 20 Olympics medal winners. They will cover a route of 10.5 km, each running about 130 meters.

After Bangkok, the Olympic torch will be passed on to the next city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


another side of this torch relay


Thai CSOs organise Tibet torch protest to highlight China’s human rights abuses
Saturday, 12 April 2008

FORUM-ASIA would like to draw attention to an email from the Free Tibet Network regarding a protest rally being organised by Thai civil-society organisations to coincide with the Olympic torch relay in the Bangkok on April 19:

The Free Tibet Network and a coalition of Thai civil-society organisations are urging people to join a “No Torch in Tibet” march in Bangkok on April 19 in protest against the Chinese government’s refusal to stop the Olympic torch relay through Tibet in June, a land still awash in the blood spilled in China’s recent crackdown.

According to the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), since the beginning of March this year, at least 324 Tibetans were arrested and detained by Chinese authorities, however the TCHRD believes the actual number is around 2300. Most recently, reports have also been received of the torture of eight Tibetan monks in the custody of Chinese authorities. One of the monks, who was released after several days in detention, was covered in bruises from the severe beatings he had undergone.

These are blatant human rights abuses. The people’s blood has been spilled in Tibet, and yet the government of China still insists on bringing the Olympic torch to this land that they have violated. In response to this, the Free Tibet Network, the Thai Labour Campaign, the Social Critics Group – Chulalongkorn University, the Activists Society for Change, Young People for Democracy – Thailand and the Workers Democracy Group are organising the “No Torch in Tibet” protest march to coincide with the torch relay through the Thai capital on April 19.

The CSOs are deeply concerned by the statement made on April 9 by Tibet Autonomous Region chairman Qiangba Puncog on China’s response to any torch protests in the TAR: “We will without doubt deal with those persons severely. We will not be merciful.”

The Olympic torch carries the flame which represents the highest ideals of the Olympic spirit: friendship, peace and equality. Carrying this torch over Tibet will dishonour the people who have sacrificed their lives and their freedom so that their voices may be heard.

The people of Tibet have not been shown the spirit of friendship, peace and equality by the government of China. It is therefore the height of hypocrisy for the Chinese government to light this flame over the land of Tibet.
The CSOs urge those who wish to show their support for the people of Tibet to join the march.


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