RTA To Deploy REVA 4×4 In Restive South


Army set to deploy its new APCs

The army will deploy 42 armoured vehicles newly purchased from South Africa in the restive South by early June, an army source said yesterday. The source said the armoured vehicles costing US$310,000, or around 10 million baht each, will be sent to military units in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat.

It was the first time the army has bought armaments from South Africa. It has also opened an army attache’s office in Cape Town for future military cooperation between the two countries, the source added.

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, who is also defence minister, has yet to approve the purchase of 96 armoured personnel carriers costing nearly four billion baht from the Ukraine, according to a source at the Defence Ministry.

The reasons behind the delay in making a decision include the army’s failure to reply to certain inquiries by the Auditor-General’s Office and calls from People Power party MPs for a thorough review of the purchase.

The source said senior officers to the defence minister advised Mr Samak to give careful consideration to the project because it was conceived by a military officer who was a member of the now-defunct Council for National Security.

Yala and Pattani police yesterday cooperated to detain Muhamma-asun Naewa, 30, a suspected insurgent wanted on an arrest warrant who fled to Pattani after taking part in an ambush.

Mr Muhamma-asun is accused of being one of the men who ambushed a pick-up truck driven by Hawa Samuroh, chairman of tambon Kehroh administration organisation, and carrying six passengers in Yala’s Raman district on Wednesday.

Eight people were wounded in the ensuing gunfight in which Harong Hama, 33, a suspected militant also wanted on an arrest warrant, was killed.



Generally and personally I do not supports this idea of buying REVA 4×4. Since Loxley PCL., the SET-listed Thai company, joining with Thales Australia to establish the assembly line of Bushmaster in Thailand for export. And Thai companies will produce about 70% of Busmaster’s part.

Hope that we will hear the name Bushmaster next time.


Refrence Press Release From Loxley PCL.
Loxley joined ADI for world class defense industry.

27th April 2006,Bangkok : The Management of Loxley Public Company Limited, Bangkok Thailand and ADI Limited (Land – Engineering & Vehicles) of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia are pleased to announce that they have today, Thursday 27th April 2006, signed a “Teaming Agreement” between the two companies that allows the sharing of engineering, production and manufacturing technology. The agreement provides the foundation for the establishment and investment in new world class defence industry co-operation between Australian and in Thailand.

This agreement marks the culmination of intensive efforts by both companies over the last 12 months or so on new strategies to improve supply chain management provision of precision engineering components for Armoured Military Vehicles. Using ADI’s advanced engineering design and military mobility expertise, Loxley, through its well established links to local Thai manufacturing organisations, has been able to apply just in time production and systems engineering techniques to integrate and streamline manufacturing and assembly processes and techniques that allow significant cost reductions to acquisition of precision engineered defence components. This represents a major new initiative in the field.

Initial project engineering will focus on the production of the Australian designed BUSHMASTER Armoured Infantry Mobility Family of Vehicles. The BUSHMASTER Armoured Infantry Mobility Vehicle is the most advanced military high mobility armoured vehicle and is currently in service in Australia, Iraq and Afghanistan with Coalition Forces. Opportunities to manufacture to other ADI military vehicles and products will follow.

The Teaming Agreement also makes provision for the BUSHMASTER to be manufactured and fully assembled in Thailand, thus opening the opportunity for the Thai Armed forces to source this unique product as a locally produced vehicle in the short to medium term.

The immediate world market potential for the vehicle is estimated to be US$ 5.5 Billion. This agreement will allow both ADI Limited and Loxley to exploit this market with a price competitive edge unrivalled to date at the international level in the field of military mobility solutions.

The BUSHMASTER has been designed to handle the harsh extremes of Australia’s climate and terrain conditions, from tropical jungle to vast expanses of dessert and still deliver high levels of comfort and security. It is truly a unique vehicle.” says Bob Simpson – Director (Land – Engineering & Vehicles) ADI Limited.
“This agreement demonstrates the practical outcomes that can be derived from the TAFTA between Australia and Thailand. We are very happy to see ADI here and most of all to be able to partner with them in establishing this exciting new enterprise for export growth in Thailand.” Says Col.M.L.Pongchompunoot Thongtaem – Vice President , Special Project 2 Department, Loxley Public Company Limited.


News in Jane’s Defense Weekly 27 January 2008. Thank spiderweb6969 on http://timawa.net for photo.



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