UPDATE: Photo from Thai-Cambodian Military Standoff

This is my word.

THERE WILL BE NO WAR. I can firmly say that. If it would, it will be like a small fighting.

Under the World Court decision, they gave Combodia a sovereignty on Phra Viharn temple. So Phra Viharn temple is belong to Cambodia. And they listed it as a world haritage site.

But there are another story which is the consequence form the Phra Viharn temple issue because we still have 4.6 square kilomaters near Phra Viharn temple that both side claim the sovereignty over it. And this standoff is about these dispute area.

Basically this is the show of force. Because when you try to claim your right on some dispute land you need to show that you have a sovereignty over it. So both side sent their troops. Also, we have a joint committee that observes the border issue with our neighbour and this committee will hold an emergency meeting on monday to slove this issue or at least try to prave the way to a more formal and higher talking.

In Thai side. RTA commander-in-cheif order the special warfare unit and some other unit to stand by in thier base. Some units already moves to the Thai-Cambodian border includes artillery and cavarly unit. RTN standby in their base and the marine also move to the border of their responsibility. RTAF sent F-16s to partrol the border. This is the show of force. I don’t know about the Cambodian side.

The Thai guys in black suite is the para-military unit called Taharn Phran. They are basically civilian that were trained in the military course. RTA sent this unit to the dispute area near Phra Viharn temple because they want to lower the level of standoff (because they are offically civilian)

Thai news said today that Cambodian PM called for the withdrawal of Thai troops, saying that those dispute area is belong to Cambodia. This is the news from Thailand. Please check with international news agency again.

Some photos for today.


Thai artillery station near Thai-Cambodian border. (Thank mikion for photo)

Soldiers from Thailand guard at Cekakiri Svarak pagoda in the compounds of Preah Vihaer temple, 245 km (152 miles) north of Phnom Penh. Thai police and angry local villagers blocked a convoy of nationalist Thai protesters on Thursday from reaching a disputed ancient temple on the country’s border with Cambodia. (Photo: Reuters)

Thai troop deployed in the dispute area.

Thai troops (black suite) and Cambidian troops (light brown suite) sitting together in the dispute area.

Thai soldiers guard a Cambodian Buddhist temple near Preah Vihear temple, Preah Vihear province, Cambodia, Thursday, July 17, 2008. Cambodia and Thailand escalated their troop buildup Thursday at disputed territory near the historic Preah Vihear border temple despite moves to hold talks next week to defuse the flare-up in tensions, a Cambodian general said.7 hours ago from AP Photo by Heng Sinith


Taharn Phran, a Thai para-military unit, deploying on the border.

Cambodian troops walking pass Thai troops.

Thai troops talking with Cambodian troops.

Thai troops talking with Cambodian troops. They seem very serious.

Thai troops share their meal with Cambodian troops in the Thai-Cambodian military standoff.

Serious enough? He He He.


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