Another Thai-Cambodian Temple Row Embarks

This time is Ta Moan Tom and Ta Kwai. Seem like this set of border dispute is still not come to an end. So far, no fighting occurred and Thailand Foreign Minister will meet Cambodian Foreign Minister in New York during UN general assembly.

Thailand still stict on bilateral talk and want to repeat the same success with Malaysia which Thailand can define all border to Malaysia and end all border dispute with them.


Thailand protest Cambodia over troop intrusion
By Supalak Ganjanakhundee
The Nation
Published on September 17, 2008

Thailand protested to Cambodia on Tuesday over an intrusion of troops into the border area at the temple of Ta Kwai in Surin province.

It was the third Khmer sanctuary since July to create conflict between the two neighbours after the disputes over the Preah Vihear and Ta Muen Thom temples.

The Foreign Ministry’s permanent secretary Virasakdi Futrakul summoned Cambodia’s ambassador Ung Sean to take an aide-memoire at the ministry yesterday.

The memoire said some 70 Cambodian armed forces had intruded into the temple on September 6. It was the second intrusion since some 30 Cambodian troops were seen earlier at the temple between August 3 and 6.

“These acts constituted a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Thailand,” the memoire said.

Thailand asked Cambodia to do its utmost to avoid a recurrence of the incident in the future, it said. Ung Sean did not talk to reporters after the meeting with Virasakdi at the ministry.

The ministry’s acting spokesman Thani Thongphakdi said there was no longer a military stand off in the area since both sides had redeployed their respective armed forces elsewhere.

The withdrawal of Cambodian troops from the site and vicinity came only after repeated protests from local Thai authorities.

Cambodia’s government spokesman Khieu Kanharith said earlier that Thai troops had moved into an area close to the temple also known in Cambodian as Ta Krabey. Cambodia was preparing to appeal to a “third international party” to intervene, he said.

Thani said the dispute could be solved bilaterally. Thailand is committed to cooperation with Cambodia within the framework of the Thai-Cambodian Joint Boundary Commission on Demarcation for Land Boundary (JBC) with a view to resolving the boundary issue in a just and peaceful manner, he said.

The issue might be discussed when Thai and Cambodian delegations meet in New York on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly later this month, he said.

In a separate issue, Thailand has dismissed Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s doubts over its ability to host the upcoming Asean summit due to the ongoing political crisis.

The Foreign Ministry’s acting spokesman Thani Thongphakdi said Thailand, as the chair of the group, is ready for the summit. Preparation for the Asean summit and other endeavours by Thailand are on track, he said.

“Recent political developments in Thailand have not in any way affected the preparations which are in line with the announced timelines,” he said.

To show its commitment, the Thai Senate yesterday approved the bill on protection for the operation of the Asean, enabling Thailand to ratify the Asean charter, he said.…l_30083634.php


Cambodian troops move to the temple. /

Ta Kwai temple. /

Map. /

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    You checked this BS map and you can find out that the drawer is in elementary school!

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