Thai Boxing Training In Cobra Gold

Put your gun down. Raise your hand up. It’s time for Muay Thai!!!!

Thank Mr. Samurai at Thaifighterclub for photo.

‘Wai Kru’ (Salute your teacher) is important in Muay Thai. Thai people respect their teacher so paying respect to them give you a prosperity. And in the old time Wai Kru give you a chance to observe the fighting ground to see if it has some trap.

Let’s form rows.

To stay guarded in Muay Thai.

Ready to fight!

One ‘Karn Kor Kick’ (Kick at enermy’s nape) could kill you in action!

Use your elbow to hit your enermy at his chin.

Close combat. Use your knee at enermy’s belly.

Another Karn Kor Kick.

‘Jor Ra Kai Fad Hark’, crocodile tail kick or back kick.


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