Two Borders …. Two Duties

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Update on Thai-Cambodian standoff and Thai-Malaysian border team at work!

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RTAF Signed For DA42 and ATR-72-500

Tuesday 18 November 2008

It’s time to buy Diamond, and RTAF chooses DA42 Twin Star as its new trainer. And French aircraft come back to RTAF again with ATR-72-500.

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Final Farewell To A Princess (With Photos of Armed Force Personnel)

Sunday 16 November 2008

(Thank many Thai media for photo and for news.)

As His Majesty the King lit the fire for the cremation of his sister, HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, the nation joined together as one to say their final farewell to a beloved royal whose dedication to the welfare of the people earned her a place in their hearts

Usnisa Sukhsvasti

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Cabinet Approves Thai-build OPV

Friday 14 November 2008

On 11 November 2008, Government spokesman said cabinet approves the plan to build OPV in state-own Mahidol dockyard.

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RTN Signs LPD Deal With ST Marine

Friday 14 November 2008

Thank Mr. Gorgeous Guy who notice me about this. ^ ^

RTN inks the deal to buy LPD from Singapore. You can see the news release here.

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90th Anniversary of World War I. This Is The History of Siamese Volunteer Crop.

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Siamese Troops in victory parade at  Arc de triomphe de lEtoile

Siamese Troops in victory parade at Arc de triomphe de l'Etoile


It is 90 years since The German Empire signed the armistice to end the World War I, today the world celebrates one of the major mark of history of mankind.

Despite ‘The War To End All Wars’ can not stop World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Kosovo War, War on Terror, Afghanistan War, Iraq War and many wars that occurred or about to be occurred, there are something to remember.

So here is the story of Siamese Volunteer Crop in World War I.

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Angel Thunder ‘08: RTAF Arsenal (Part II)

Saturday 8 November 2008

Second photo set of Operation Angel Thunder ’08. This set is the static display weapon on that day.

We start with Swedish-made RBS-70 Short-range SAM.

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