Two Borders …. Two Duties

Update on Thai-Cambodian standoff and Thai-Malaysian border team at work!

 It’s a good step forward for both countries to resolve the issue. BBC report here.

Progress in Thai-Cambodia talks
By Jonathan Head
BBC News, Bangkok

Thailand and Cambodia have pledged to begin placing markers along their common border and withdraw troops from around a disputed temple.

The move came in a meeting of foreign ministers aimed at preventing further clashes after four soldiers were killed in an exchange of fire last month.

The two countries have just finished three days of talks on the dispute.

But they say obstacles remain to settling sovereignty of the land around the temple, which lies inside Cambodia.

‘99% successful’

After days of talks the language from both foreign ministers was so relaxed and conciliatory you would hardly have known their soldiers were shooting at each other less than a month ago.

Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong described the talks as a “big practical step forward”, and his Thai counterpart Sompong Amornwiwat said they had achieved “99%” of what they had hoped.

In reality, though, all they agreed was to start the difficult task of hammering out a deal on the border, and to scale down the armed stand-off around the ancient Preah Vihear temple.

Troops will be withdrawn early next year, and in the meantime instructed to avoid further armed clashes.

And the two countries will begin marking out the border, which runs for nearly 800km (500 miles), much of it heavily mined.

They say they will make the stretch next to the temple their first priority – but this will certainly prove the hardest bit of border to mark, as both countries claim a 5-sq-km (1.9-sq-mile) patch of land around the temple, and each is working from different maps.

With nationalist feelings still running high over the temple, which in July was listed by Cambodia as a World Heritage Site, neither government is likely to back down over the claim.

Thailand’s room for manoeuvre is even narrower, as every agreement it makes with Cambodia must now be approved by parliament.


Thai-Malaysian Joint Border Marker Inspection Task Force at work

Thai-Malaysian Joint Border Marker Inspection Task Force was sent to discover the border marker along Thai-Malaysian border. They found that many markers were destroyed by suspected southern Thailand militants in an attempt to confuse both Thai and Malaysian troops and make it eailer for them to flee. Both country will rebuild those destroyed marker again.

Thailand and Malaysia were successfully definded the border line along Thai-Malaysian border through negotiation and mutual benefit many years ago. Thailand and Malaysia shares its gas well in the gulf of Thailand and leave the land that fail to defind the owner as ‘No man’s land’ in which both countries will not claim for it. Since then, both contries rarely experienced the border conflict and all confilct is a minor issue that quickly resolved by talking.


2 Responses to Two Borders …. Two Duties

  1. PeterS says:

    I think the situation at the Thai-Cambodian border is less optimistic then the story suggests.

    Hope it can be resolved without any more bloodshed

  2. yes, I agree… i really hope that this is all resoved without anyone getting hurt.

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