Thai Armed Force 2008 Year In Review

This page will summarize the procurement program conducted in 2008 divided by each branch of armed force.

Royal Thai Army

BTR-3E1 8-Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier orders

This is a long delayed project from 1997 Asian economic crisis when LAV-25 procurement program was axed. The program was restart in 2007 and BTR-3E1 has been selected. The $110million contact was singed in mid-2008. The first example of all 96 units ordered is believe to be delivered in 2009.

REVA 4×4 For Southern Operation

87 REVA 4×4 were ordered almost the same time with BTR-3E1. The this $30million deal, RTA start deploying its REVA in southern Thailand in mid-2008 to better equip the patrol team and protect them from road side bomb and shooting.

Tavor and Negev, next RTA standard rifle

The M16A1 replacement program is aim to procure up to 100,000 new generation rifle and TAR-21 Tavor is an answer. To date, 30,037 Tavorsalong with 1,523 Negev automatic rifle cost around $8 million has been order and some were delivered.

Igla-S, first Russian-made weapon

Russian equipment was successfully made their way in to Thai Armed Force in 2008 with the order of 36 Igla- shoulder-launched anit-aircraft missile.

Mi-17V5, another Russian thing!

This might be the second Russian weapon after Igla-S but this is the first time Thai Armed Force buying the Russian aircraft. RTA has a original requirement to procure 3 medium helicopters and Mi-17V5 was selected. Later they decided to buy another 3 using budget from UH-1H refurbishment program. The overall cost is around $57million.

…. and the rest.

Cabinet also approved budget to buy 2 unknown mapping aircraft from Canada. There are some other small order like Carl Gustav anti-tank missile, RPG-2/7 rocket, and 7 AH-1Fs attacking helicopter.

Royal Thai Navy

Endurance, RTN’s first LPD

RTNhas long request fund to replace its WWII-era landing ships and fund was released in 2008 with the selection of Endurance-class LPD. Despite the original requirement of 2 LPDs, fund was available for only one ship for now. Along with Singaporean LPD, orders were placed or 2 LCMs, 2 LCVPs from ST Marine, and another 2 LCU from unknown builder. It’s believe that MH-60S will be the main helicopter for this LPD. The ship will be delivered in 2012 and the total program cost is $200million.

…. and the other RTN order

Cabinet also gave the permission to RTN to build its new OPV in state-own Mahidol dockyard. C-802A is currently installing in all Chao Phraya-class frigate. Also Royal Thai Marine is looking to order 12 new APC and it’s highly believe that BTR-3E1 will be selected. There are also some rumor said that the order for another 4 Super Lynx and 4 MH-60S has been placed but no official confirmation.

Royal Thai Air Force

Gripen and Erieye open RTAF new era

The initial batch of 6 Gripens in F-5B/E replacement program, or nickname fighter type 20th program, has been signed in February. RTAF also orders 1 Saab 340 AEW&C for air surveillance and Saab 340 for training propose. The first batch of instructor pilot will start their 12-months training in Sweden in early 2009. Another batch of 6 pilots will follow with 5-months training in Sweden and 6 months training in Thailand. Saab 340 AEW&C crews will start their training in Sweden in 2010. Overall cost of this batch is $600million.

StriC for RTAF

As a part of continuous effort to become a Network Centric Arm Force, RTAF also order StriC from Saab as its new command and control system. The $4.5million system will be Incorporated with their aircraft and radar network.

DA42 Twin Star for twin-engine pilot

6 DA42s Twin Star will be added to RTAF training fleet with avionic-upgraded PC-9M, CT-4A/E, and L-39ZA/ART. The first aircraft will be delivered in mid-2009 at the same time with new 4 ATR-72-500.

…. also on the line

RTAF currently upgrading avionic and conduct structural check of its 12 C-130H/H-30s in state-own Thai Aviation Industry (TAI). Also in TAI, Falcon Up/Star is currently conducted on all of F-16s. Finally, Wing1 Korat and Wing4 Takli is undergo the installation of their new state-of-the-art air combat training system from Cubic Corporation.


2 Responses to Thai Armed Force 2008 Year In Review

  1. Raymond Giuliani says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am the editor of the French military modelling and historical magazines Steelmasters and Tank Zone. Right now, I am looking for archives photos of Thaï armour during the short conflict which opposed Thïland and France at the outbreak of WWII. Can you please help me ?

    With many thanks

    Raymond Giuliani

  2. thaimilitary says:

    Hi. ^ ^

    If it’s down to only Thai tank. This is the only photo I have and it’s in a victory parade not in the battlefeild.

    credit: RTA

    their website.

    I recommend that you could contact Royal Thai Army’s military history division in Directorate of Operation by the following e-mail.

    or maybe you can contact Royal Thai Army Museum. I can not find their e-mail but they got their phone number on their website.

    Hope you could find things you want. If you have any problem you can ask me. ^ ^


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