Gripen Batch #2 Update

As you know, Gripen procurement program was splited in to two batch for the financial reason. First batch, consists of 6 Gripens, 1 Saab 340 AEW&C, and 1 Saab 340, was ordered in Fed 2008.

Many rumors said RTAF want to push the Batch #2 faster than what it said in MoU between Thailand and Sweden. However, this news appear to said all the process will be followed the original plan which it would sign the Bach #2 in 2010.

Please note that fiscal year in Thailand is from October – September. The news said Defense minister approve the purchase of Gripen in next fiscal year. This mean any contact sign must be done between october 2009 – september 2010 which is the fiscal year of 2010.

Air Force to earmark next year’s tie-over budget to buy Grippen fighters
By The Nation

Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan on Thursday gave his blessing for the Air Force to buy six additional Grippen fighters from Sweden starting next fiscal year with the budget spreaded over five years.

The planned procurement would complete the deployment of a squadron.

Prawit said the financing would be allocated from the Air Force budget, hence not be a burden on the government spending.

The new squadron of fighter jet is justified in order to decomission old aircraft in service for more than 30 years, he said. … 095568.php


6 Responses to Gripen Batch #2 Update

  1. PeterS says:

    Holland currently is investigation the successor of the F-16. The air force wants the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, but this airplane is not even operational in the USA.

    Another competitor is the Grippen NG. I really hope Holland decides the Grippen as well.

  2. skullbreaker says:

    Let’s go bomb Cambodia to ashes!

  3. juan_ramirez says:

    ¬°Hijo de una gran puta!

  4. ES says:

    Does anyone know what military airshows are in Thailand for 2009? I am from the USA and would like to attend an airshow in Thailand. Thanks

  5. Mike says:

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  6. thaimilitary says:


    I personally think The Netherland would strict on JSF. They invest millions dollar and US pressure will be there. ^ ^”


    Thailand do not have that large air show like many country. The largest show is Children’s Day which is a nationwide base opening day. It’s on the second saturday of January. you can look to these page.

    Another smaller one is SAREX. The event will be held around mid year but still no specific date for this year.

    Hope this help!

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