RTAF Gripen Officers Start Training In Sweden

RTAF Gripen Officers Start Training In Sweden

RTAF Gripen Officers Start Training In Sweden

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It would be followed by 6 Thai pilots who will recieve conversion training on Gripen early in this year. Next year RTAF will receive its first Saab 340 AEW&C that they ordered in 2008.

Thais get to know the JAS 39 Gripen
Publicerad: 11 februari 2009 kl 13.00

Four engineers and two English teachers from Thailand have come to the Armed Forces technical school (FMTS) to attend a two-week “Familia Riza Foundation course” (general technical course) on the JAS 39 Gripen system.

The course is built on having two weeks to F 7 in seats where they, inter alia, will carry out “On Job Training (OJT). The aim is that they should be aware of the technical and linguistic level required of the participants for the training of Thai engineers starting in 2010. Then the 40 Thai engineers get their technical training on the Gripen JAS-sytemet of 39-section of FMTS. Half of the strength of the spring and the other half for the autumn.

Thais came to Sweden on Sunday and live in kadettbyn just like the students to do. Both the accommodation and facilities in Halmstad has impressed the guests.

– It is also very practical things that will work, “explains Pedro Fortea, course manager. Details really, but that is just as important for those who come here. For example, where and how you can access the Internet, where and how you can call home, what a taxi will cost, where you can shop and where they can cook their own food.

– It will be exciting and interesting to take note of the Swedish culture in the meantime we are here, said English teacher Wasana Sa-Ngounpouk after the course first review. But the top was discussed during the break the weather was.
– It is really cold, said Wing Commander Somkrit Than Your. The cold meant that Monday’s first stop of the six Thais had become service repository, where they had to borrow more appropriate clothing for the Swedish winter.

http://www.mil.se/sv/I-Sverige/Skolor/F … 39-Gripen/


This first batch of Thai officer is RTAF technician


Thai Air Force to visit
Published: February 13, 2009 at 13.26
Blekinge Air (F 17)

This week, twelve delegates from the Thai Air Force along with representatives of the Defense Materiel Administration and Representatives visited Blekinge The air to see how the Swedish Air Force solves activities, security and builds on the Gripen system.

The program which lasted two days were packed full from start to finish for the entire delegation. The Thai representatives, and each one had specific fields of expertise, was happy when they left the F 17 on Thursday afternoon.

Thailand is the latest country who have decided to arm its air force with the JAS 39 Gripen. Preparations are in full swing before the first delivery taking place at the beginning of 2011.

http://www.mil.se/sv/I-Sverige/Utbildni … -pa-besok/

Thai delegate in Sweden

Thai delegate in Sweden


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