Elang Thainesia 2008

Elang Thainesia XIV

Elang Thainesia XIV

A biannual training between Royal Thai Air Force and Indonesian Air Force in October 2008.

Photo and news!

RI, Thai air forces hold joint exercise in Riau province

Pekanbaru, Riau, Oct 20 (ANTARA) – The Indonesian and Thai air forces here on Monday began a joint exercise codenamed “Elang Thainesia XIV” that will last until October 30.

“The joint exercise is a routine activity to mark the good relations between the two countries, the two air forces in particular. This year’s joint exercise is the 14th since the first held in Thailand in 1980,” Col Dedy Trisunu, commander of the Indonesian Air Force’s Pekanbaru airbase, told the press.

“We hope the joint exercise can improve the professional skills of the pilots of both countries,” Trisunu added.

Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Air Force’s deputy director for operations, Group Capt Suthipong Inseeyong, said the joint exercise was expected to enhance cooperation and good relations between the two countries.

“For us, the most important aspect of this joint exercise is to increase the long-standing cooperation between our two countries,” Inseeyong said.

The joint exercise activities would take place in and around Riau province for a period of 10 days.

In this year’s joint exercise, the Indonesian Air Force was represented by five Hawk 100/200 fighter aircraft led by Air Squadron 12 commander Lt Col Nana Resmana.

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) for its part had assigned six Alphajet 0027 fighter planes and 88 personnel led by the commander of its Squadron 231, Wing Commander Chart Dithipeng, to the joint exercise.

Maj Sus Dede Nasraruddin, information officer of the Pekanbaru airbase command, said the joint exercise would consist of various activities, including maneuver training, close air support, surface attack tactics and dissimilar basic fighter maneuvers. (Antara)

Today In Asia : Last Update : 16:22:58 20 October 2008 (GMT+7:00)


Thank Kopassus at militaryphotos.net for photo!

Hawk Mk109 and Alphajet.

Hawk Mk209

Alphajet of the Royal Thai Airforce.


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