This time, Thai Troops are really going to Darfur.

With the unknown reason, Thai troops who suppose to paticipate the UN mission in Darfur were rejected by Sudanese Government several year ago.

But this time they agree to accept and 800 Royal Thai Army personnels will fly to Darfur under the United Nation supervision in July or August.

Troops will come from the 3rd Infantry Division located in Nakorn Rajchasima, the only unit in second army region who do not have a mission along Thai-Cambodian border.

Thai Troops first paticipated under the UN mission in Korean war, sending troops, warship, and transport aircraft to support United Nation Force. From their outstanding performance there the UN force gave their nickname “The Little Tiger”.

One of the largest mission under the United Nation is peacekeeping in East Timor where Thai offcier was handed a head position of INTERFET (International Force for East Timor) and help create a good attitude from people of East Timor toward Thailand.

I wish Thai troops and everybody of every nationality there have a best of luck conducting mission in Darfur and help bring the stability in the Sudan.

Thai troops set for Darfur

Published: 6/03/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

Thailand plans to send troops to join the UN peacekeeping force in Sudan’s Darfur region around July or August this year, a Defence Ministry source says. The Defence Ministry will seek cabinet approval to send the troops to Sudan at the request of the United Nations.

Sudan earlier objected to UN plans for troops from Thailand to join the UN peacekeeping force in Darfur.

It recently revised its position by agreeing to the troop deployment and the UN sent a request for troops to the Thai government and the Defence Ministry. The ministry has approved the sending of troops in principle.

The Second Army has been asked to prepare its troops to join the UN effort to restore peace in the Darfur region. About 800 soldiers are expected to be sent. The UN will cover expenses incurred by the mission.

Second Army commander Lt-Gen Wiboonsak Neepal said soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division would be selected for the operation as other military units were providing security around Preah Vihear temple in Si Sa Ket.


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