BTR-3E1 Finally Finds Its Engine

RTA decides to shift to US Engine instead of German-made one on BTR-3E1. German government refuses to sell engine to RTA citing the ‘political reason’ which is believe to be a result from 2006 Coup.

A coupmaker General Sonthi Boonyarattanaklin selected BTR-3E1 in 2007, a time Thailand still lived under the military rule.

Deal later posponed and signed in mid-2008 during PM Samak administration, a democratic government.

Consequently, Ukrspetsexport needs more time to intergrated US engine into the type, cause 6 month delays in deliver which previously suppose to conduct in mid-2009.

RTN also selected 12 BTR-3E1s for The Royal Thai Marine Crop in early 2009. This could make RTN to change the engine to US one too.

The requirement for 8×8 APC first came out 10 years ago with LAV-III was selected but the deal collapsed due to 1997  Asian Financial Crisis.

The over all requirement is 288 units to equip one armour regiment, this deal for 96 units only fullfilled one third of it. So the follow on order is highly expected in the future.

RTA will taken delivery of BTR-3E1 in late 2009.

Ukrainian APCs to get US engines

Published: 23/04/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

The army will now use US-made engines in 96 armoured personnel carriers ordered from Ukraine after the German government refused to supply the units because of “Thailand’s political instability”, an army source says.

The refusal by Germany has forced Ukraine to delay the delivery of the first batch of 12 vehicles, due by the end of this year, for about another six months, the source said.

The army and Ukrspetsexport Co, a Ukrainian state arms trading company, have agreed to tackle the problem regarding Berlin’s refusal to sell Deutz engines for the 96 BTR-3E armoured personnel carriers, worth 3.9 billion baht.

Germany cited political instability since the 2006 military coup for not selling the parts.

The army now uses Allison gears from the US for its armoured vehicles.

The source said Ukraine’s armoured vehicles were originally fitted with manual transmissions. As the army wants automatic transmission units, the armoured vehicles’ gear system had to be modified.

Now US-made engines and gears are to be used, Ukraine has to conduct performance tests for the vehicles for about four months.

Ukraine had tried in early April to negotiate with German diplomats stationed in its country for the Deutz engines but nothing was resolved, the source said. … us-engines


2 Responses to BTR-3E1 Finally Finds Its Engine

  1. PeterS says:

    I said it before, I cannot understand why the Thai forces use so many different types of equipment. The cost for maintenance and spare-parts must be enormous.

    Buy an Ukraine vehicle, put in an American engine and gearbox. They think it will work? I think Thai are very talented mechanics, but you can push your luck.

  2. thaimilitary says:

    Since the RTA is the NATO-standard force they bought German engine and communication part in their Chinese tank and APC. Ofcouse German engine is more reliable than the Chinese one. This is the same thing as before.

    But it’s doesn’t mean I didn’t agree with you. Too many different source of type and spare. ^ ^”

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