More Black Hawks are Joining The RTA Fleet

Today’s fleet of Royal Thai Army helicopter are consists of TH-300, Bell 206, UH-1H, Bell 212, Bell 412, CH-47D, and UH-60L.

There once was a plan to replace UH-1H “Huey” by 33 Black Hawk, but the budget crisis from 1997 Asian Financial Crisis forced RTA to cut the number into only 7.

Base on the original requirement in 2006, there is a requirment for 9 utility helicopter, with the helicopter required will be the same standard with Black Hawk.

Annex 30 (Utility/Cargo Helicopter): The helicopter must have versatile usage, it can be used as a transport, combat re-supply and medical evacuation helicopter for RTA general support. One helicopter must be able to transport about one infantry squad with all necessary individual field equipment. It must be the same standard as the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, which is currently in service in the RTA, or better.

….. yes, the same standard with Black Hawk, so they buying more of the type.

Royal Thai Army UH-60L Black Hawk

Royal Thai Army UH-60L Black Hawk

DSCA release the notification to congress that government of Thailand request the sale of three UH-60L Black Hawk. 

This is only one-third of the requirement. I believe they want to split the one large order into the small multiple order in order to lower the budget pressure.

This will join with the existing Black Hawk fleet.

RTA also seeking for a new training helicopter to replace its aging fleet of around 30 TH-300s with Eurocopter EC-120 are the leading contender.

They are hoping to buy the first batch of 12 training helicopter soon.

And in next year, Royal Thai Navy will taken delivery of the first batch of two MH-60S out of the requirement of six unit and Royal Thai Air Force will taken delivery of three S-92 for VVIP flight. The military version of S-92, HH-92, is also believe to replace a fleet of UH-1H in CSAR role.

 Bell Helicopter dominates Thai Armed Force’s helicopter fleet for more than 40 years but now look like Sikorsky is taking over them.

Notification to Congress on the sale of UH-60L Black Hawk to Thailand.

Notification to Congress on the sale of UH-60L Black Hawk to Thailand.


4 Responses to More Black Hawks are Joining The RTA Fleet

  1. richom says:

    Hi, good post. However, I don’t believe the RTA will buy more Black Hawks. The RTA has 10 Black Hawks now and they are not really used in a “proper” operational role, more usually transporting very senior officers around. In addition, the budget constraints are very tight at the moment meaning further procurement is unlikely (the budget for these aircraft were was ringfenced before recent cuts). In addition to all that Thaksin’s “mega project” is not really being adhered to these days in acquisitions.

  2. thaimilitary says:

    One corrction is RTA only got 7 Black Hawks. And the 9-years modernization lan established during Thaksin’s term is actually being implementing …. apperently in the different name.

  3. MJJ says:

    FYI, I just heard that an American firm won the training helo contract. I know who won, but cannot tell you. I can tell you it was not Eurocopter EC-120. Delivery will be somewhere around the end of Mar 2010.

    Also, just because DSCA printed something about the UH-60 and Thailand, that does not mean the RTA will buy. Notice DSCA wrote, “possible” sale. No letter of request (LOR) was submitted to JUSMAGTHAI yet.

  4. thaimilitary says:

    I didn’t said the Balck Hawk sale is already concluded. Everyone know that noticifation to congress is just to inform the congress according to US law but I posted here because DSCA release its document and there is an RTA document that support this action.

    It is as well as the Enstrom 408B story. I first talking to the Eurocopter guy and my other friend, they all said EC-120 lead the way and I also said so. Enstrom 408B selection just pop up in the media several days ago, and this is a month-old article.

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