RTN Yet Another OPV From BVT Surface Fleet, and More of T.994 – 996

BVT Surface Fleet, the old and familar face that RTN used to and almost bought the OPV from, make a good come back to RTN. This time joining with Bangkok Dockyard to build new OPV for Royal Thai Navy.

RTN previously commissioned two Pattani-class OPV, the first OPV class in RTN, several years ago. This RTN-design Chinese-build OPV are replaced the older WWII frigate and they project to accquire four more OPV to replace all older WWII frigate and set up the coast guard unit under the command of RTN, but obviously a different class.

BVT Surface Fleet use to win the bid in the Pattani class competition but the bidding was later cancelled due to the lack of budget and government turn to China who offered to build the OPV in the very very low price. Despite no Chinese naval electronic on the ship, it still cost only 1,700 million baht per ship, that around only 40 million USD. Even cheaper than building in Thailand.

This time RTN turning to the old winner and get enough fund to build the OPV in Thailand. Budget is around 3,000 Baht, about 85 million USD. (2009 currency) The ship will be build in RTN’s Mahidol Dockyard, one of the largest dry dock in South East Asia.

The OPV will be around 2,000 tons in full displacement with 75 meters in lenght. Maximum speed is 25 knots with a helicopter deck. (but no helicopter hanger like the Pattani) The ship will be equipped with 72/62 Super Rapid main gun, 2 x DS-30M 30 mm gun, and 2x .50 gun with the projection to be equipped with SSM when needed.

The construction work will be started in 4Q of 2009.

At the same time, RTN improve its recent design of T.991 – 993 class to build the new T.994 – 996 small patrol boat. The ship retains the same design but a bit larger than the T.991 and the weapon layout will be different. T.991 equipped with 2 x DS-30M and 2 x .50 gun but T.994 will be euipped with only one DS-30MR, one Oto Melara 12.7 mm Naval Turret, and 2 x .50 Gun. The MIRADOR fire control system still use in this ship. T.994 will build buy RTN’s Department of Engineering and the other two will be builded by private local shipbuilding.

Since there are change in T.994 – 996. It very interesting to see if RTN will change some detail again when they build T.997 – 999 


BVT wins Thailand design contract

30 June 09

BVT Surface Fleet, the maritime joint venture between BAE Systems and VT Group, has today announced the signing of a contract with Bangkok Dock for the supply of a design of a 90m Offshore Patrol Vessel for the Royal Thai Navy, to be built in Thailand.

The design is a development of an existing BVT OPV design and will be adapted by Bangkok Dock to suit the specific requirements of the Royal Thai Navy. The vessel is a multi-mission OPV, the primary roles of which will include protection of the EEZ, fishery protection, disaster relief and search and rescue.

Commenting on the contract, BVT Chief Executive Alan Johnston said “BVT Surface Fleet will transfer design knowledge, technology and shipbuilding skills to Thai engineers and look forward to developing a long term partnership with Bangkok Dock and local industry that will help support the growth of a sustainable shipbuilding capability in Thailand.

“This is a strategically important contract for BVT as we look to expand our international footprint and we are looking forward to working closely with Bangkok Dock over the coming years to deliver the requirements of the Royal Thai Navy”.

About BVT Surface Fleet

BVT Surface Fleet, a Joint Venture between BAE Systems and VT Group, is a leader in the design, manufacture, integration and support of naval ships, delivering complex engineering, integration and through-life support across the lifecycle of a vessel.

With operations in Glasgow, Portsmouth and Filton near Bristol, it employs over 7,000 people and has the facilities, skills and partnerships to set the global standard in excellence as a trusted and innovative through-life surface warship partner in both the UK and export markets.

BVT Surface Fleet currently employs over 600 apprentices in Glasgow and Portsmouth and the business is aiming to recruit a further125 in 2009 to work at these sites.

Further information about BVT Surface Fleet is available at http://www.bvtsurfacefleet.com



4 Responses to RTN Yet Another OPV From BVT Surface Fleet, and More of T.994 – 996

  1. PeterS says:

    Do you know if Damen Shipyard (or De Schelde) also bid on building the OPV?

  2. thaimilitary says:

    I don’t know about this round but Natherland dockyard used to win the build to build HTMS Pharuehatsabodi.


    They may try to build this time but apprently the British company got selected. ^ ^

  3. PeterS says:

    Yes, I knew about that surveyship. I’ve read a nice article in the magazine of the shipbuilder.

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