RTN Sea Hawk Upgrade Deal

RTN S-70B Sea Hawk is in operation from HTMS Chakri Naruebeth with RTN for around 10 years. Three or four years ago there was a new rumor about the upgrade program on the fleet of six Sea Hawks.

On 22 September, Cabinet apporve the 989 million Baht for RTN to upgrade there antisubmarine capability. In the deal, which is believe to be the first from the two phases program, will see three Sea Hawks equipped with AN/ASN-15 Navigational Computer Set and Dipping Sonar from L3 Communication.

Aside from this is a 1,474 2.5 tons Isuzu track for RTA and Armed Force HQ. Total value is 4.99 million Bahts.

Also, Cabinet approved the deal to build T.994 – 996 coastal-patrol ship. T.994 will be build by Royal Thai Navay Dockyard of Royal Thai Navy. The others two will be build in Marsun Shipbuilding Company in Samut Phrakran province.

More detail on T.994 – 996 can be fond here



Police, armed services submit hefty equipment lists

By The Nation
Published on September 22, 2009

A request for a huge new defence budget for the Army and the Navy is being submitted to the Cabinet today for initial approval. In addition, the Royal Thai Police is seeking to buy 16,045 sets of antiriot gear worth Bt48 milllion, including 18,445 of a special type of rubber baton at Bt1,000 apiece.

The Army wants to buy 1,474 2.5tonne Jeepstyled vehicles. The selected model, a Japanese brand, is priced at Bt3,388,500 apiece, totalling Bt4.99 billion.

The Navy wants to enhance its antisubmarine capability, by modifying a model of a USmade sea helicopter and buying a number of sonar dip buoys at Bt989million, in a tiedover allocation for the next two years.

In addition, three coastal patrol ships are being sought at a cost of Bt1.6 billion, also in a tiedover two year allocation.

To keep paying for defence contracts, both past deals and those in the future, the Defence Ministry is asking for another Bt3.04 billion. Of the entire amount, Bt610 million will be spent this year, with the remainder in the next three years in tiedover allocations.




Military on the Bt10 billion shopping spree

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved about Bt10 billion tied-over budget for military precurement which will be spreaded between the current fiscal year to 2012.
The Defence Ministry will earmark Bt 4.9 billion to buy vehicles for military ordnance.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces will spend Bt3 billion to replace decommissioned vehicles and machinery.

The Royal Thai Navy will spend Bt989 million to buy Seahawk helicopter for anti-submarine warfare. It has also allocated Bt1.6 billion for the purchase of three coastal patrol boats.



2 Responses to RTN Sea Hawk Upgrade Deal

  1. SDC says:

    Is there anything about the aqquiring of the 4submarines? Like what submarines the RTN is looking at.Last time i heard that they were interested in German,Russian and Swedish made submarines. But didn’t get german subs cause they were expensive and russian subs because, were supposly not advanced as the german one.

  2. thaimilitary says:

    This is what I still wondering. Still no information about this.

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