Welcom to Thai Military weblog

Thai National Flag
Welcome to https://thaimilitary.wordpress.com

This blog is to give you all stuffs related to the military of Thailand, which is rare in the international web. You can find the information about the armed force of Thailand, news, and photo of Thai military photographer.

You can click the categories on the right to see more post.

Enjoy surfing this site!!!!


13 Responses to Welcom to Thai Military weblog

  1. Justin says:

    Hey skyman,

    You have an awesome blog here on thailand. Great work man.

    best regards,
    Justin from WAFF

  2. nok says:

    RTA RTN RTAF this correct rank to thaiforce

  3. Chris Christensen says:

    I am trying to locate a member of the RTAF and stationed at Ubon Air Base 1972 -73. Please excuse my spelling…his name was Derick Boonwald and his home town was Audtehia (Old Capitol of Siam) If anyone reads this and can help me contact him Please email me at rcflchris@gmail.com A civillian friend in Ubon was ChouChai a martial arts instructor…Thank You

  4. eDawg says:

    Was wondering if the new survey ship HMTS Pharuehatsabodi is still planing to commission this Saturday (19 July 2008)?

  5. Mr.noppakan says:


    we are strong enough. We are the only best in area of military forces.

  6. gita says:

    sawadee krub!!!

  7. Manu says:

    Veteran of French Foreign Legion (2 REP) now living in Thailand say you Thank You !
    I’m very happy to read your blog every week.

  8. gaetan says:

    who should I contact in the procurement group. I want tosuport the C130.

  9. ES says:

    Does anyone know when the military airshows are held in Thailand in 2009? I am from the states and would love to attend one. Thanks.

  10. Anders says:

    Great blog! Have some questions regarding your november post about OPV. Could you email me at athulin@avascent.com please?


  11. JRG says:

    Great blog, very helpful.
    I have a question though: Does anyone know the latest with Thailand’s indeginious missile development programme? Has the programme been shelved since the economic crisis? Has there been any development at all?

  12. monsoon says:

    I think if anybody need help or anything from here(this webblog). You should goto http://www.thaiarmedforce.com/forum.html and looking for English Forum which locate almost the last of the board index page.

  13. Kris says:

    Has all news and updates shifted to thaiarmedforce.com? I really enjoyed reading the updates on this page. Too bad I cannot read Thai =(

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